Strictly Accessories

a Luxury Blight Production
August 28th 2016 7-10pm

DfbrL8r Gallery
1463 W Chicago Ave
Chicago IL 60642

DfbrL8r presents a curated evening accessorized with performance art featuring artists from NYC and CHICAGO. $10 (Suggested Donation).

NYC: Yolteotli / vv/ld torłs
Chicago: Edra Soto / A.Vannicola / Isabelle McGuire


Strictly Accessories is something that is added to the night, something that is needed for the party to happen, but not as straight forward as a dress or a tux. It’s the subtlety of the plus one. Artist as add-on performers of diverse towns/media/material meeting in clique. Performers will merge sexy, kinky, fun, accessories to the night. Being an accessory for the night does not preclude traveling to places our imagination might allow. Electronics, flash and drone power group incantations, accompany bodily performance, elicit vocal cries. The play continues wherever the night may lead, not players in the performance but accessories to the night. All you kinky creatures please come out.

This event is both queer and kink friendly.